Sam is very proud of his town!

  • April 15, 2022
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Below is his reaction/comments to the video that he posted on Facebook.

Bayou La Batre, AL "The Seafood Capitol of Alabama" Welcome to my town. It's easy to put her down, or make fun of her, to cast her off, or dwell only on what's lacking. But one thing you'll never do is forget her. There are plenty of ...things to criticize or complain about, but there are more things to love about Bayou La Batre. I love the Bayou because of its people. People who work hard and never meet a stranger. People who lend a hand to their neighbor in need. I love our resiliency. No matter how many times the Bayou gets knocked down, she always, always, always gets back up. Whether its a hurricane, a flood, an economic downturn, or an oil spill, Bayou La Batre and her people always bounce back.
I love what we have to offer. I love that we have the best seafood around. I love that everyday seafood from all over the Gulf is caught and processed in our little town by some of the best shops in the industry. I love that crabmeat and oysters and shrimp from our Bayou have been served and are known all across the country. I love that men and women get up every day, year after year, to put out a crab trap or drag a shrimp net or dip down their tongs to bring a little piece of the Bayou to anyone who loves fresh seafood. I love that ships made on our banks carry crew, cargo, and catch in nearly every major body of water in the world. I love that people travel across continents to get a ship made in our town. I love that the Bayou is a gumbo pot of culture. Black, White, Asian and more. Only in the Bayou can you pick up a pound of crab meat, a quart of oysters and a bottle of Malaysian Kwon Loong oil for an achy back on the same block. Below is a video that was made this past weekend when the BLB Area Chamber of Commerce brought in writers, photographers, and videographers to see the Bayou. For most of them, this was their first trip. Special thanks to Steve Braswell for making the video!

   View the video here.

Take a look at My Town. See what she has to offer. And I promise, you will never forget her!

- Sam Schjott, Author